Ambassador Corner,
MNF School Progress

Learn more about Modi Nereah Foundation School progress from infantry, current events, and exciting future developments coming soon!

Ruth Omanya

School Launch

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On-Going Plans

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Play Ground Construction

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How Can You Help?

At the International Ambassador corner, Ruth Omanya, entrepreneur and founder of RHO CHICAGO, CO., and its charitable organization RHO Foundation Corp., proposes implementation of the following projects and programs

  • Educational Trip Sponsorship.

  • Medical & Nutritional Supplements for Kids.

  • Host-a-child on a Holiday.

  • Interns education and training program.

  • MNF children housing.

  • School Bus for Transportation.

Through local and international partnerships, the ultimate hope is to to help strengthen the MNF school's recourses and to empower the MNF school's endeavors while maximize the potential of the MNF children.

Sponsor An Educational Trip

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Medical Services or Kids Nutritional Supplements

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Host A Child On A Holiday!

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Interns' Education
& Training Program

Coming Soon!

MNF Children Housing, Restoration or  Improvements

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School Bus/Van Fund

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Around The School

Our hope to implement these resources step by step to bring the much needed full recourses to the Modi Nereah Foundation School over time.

Computer Class


Computer Lab

Free Store

Open Library